Liquid Earth ™ Unlike similar products Absorbs and Holds Almost 400 Times its Weight in Water due to extreme sifting of excess polymer dust. It uses potassium polymers, which are better for plants than most other polymers, which are sodium based, causing harm to plants and the environment.

Liquid Earth ™ when held in your hand, or placed on a blotter, does not feel wet, yet stays porous and Clings to plant roots so plants can extract water from it easier than it would if it were in soil alone! Plant roots will not rot, as they would if standing constantly in plain water. And the Best Part is “ You Only Need to replenish the water (hydrate the gel) for your plants approximately every 3 to 8 months, for most plants!

You can add, liquid fertilizers like Miracle Grow ™, and Food Coloring For a Decorative Touch! Liquid Earth looks Awesome When Displayed in Decorative Glass Vases and Bowls!

Liquid Earth Can be used in or on top of Regular Soil for up to four times the Moister Retention compared to soil alone.
Polyacrylamide was developed in the 60’s to grow plants in the desert and has been refined to last longer and absorb water at higher rates. Polycrylamides have been used by Nursery's for Years to Prevent the Shock of transplanting trees and other plants, and has since found many Alternate Uses.


Liquid Earth Gel
Liquid Earth Crystals
Plant Suspended in Liquid Earth
  • Reduces plant watering's
  • Reduces evaporation of moisture from the soil
  • Time releases fertilizer and water
  • Encourages deep root penetration
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Minimizes transplant shock
  • Lasts several seasons
  • Cost effective
Crystals After Absorbing Water


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